Introducing the Owners
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Introducing the Owners

Firstly, let us introduce ourselves. We are Beautiful Salon LTD. A salon run by owners Roberta and Mellisa, two colleagues and friends who started with an idea.

We have worked together, and we have socialised together for several years, both in and out of the beauty industry. On many occasions, we have visualised what our ideal salon would look like and discussed how we would make it happen, never quite sure if we would ever get the opportunity to make our dream come to life.

Two years ago, we were sitting in our staff room at our then place of work. We were not having the best day, drowning our sorrows in our cups of tea, sadly it was not gin. We were ranting away, putting the world to rights. When one of us said, β€œYou know what, why don’t we just open our own salon?”. As exciting an idea as it was, it was of course short lived, we both laughed and joked about what we would do differently to how our workplace was at the time. This idea had remained in the backs of our minds for a long time afterwards and we continued, almost subconsciously, to plan our thoughts on opening a salon. We found that many of our ideas were similar, we both had the same work ethic, vision, and goal and that was to run a successful business in the industry that we love.

Fast forward to now, here we are. We are opening the doors to our very own salon. This truly is a complete dream come true for both of us, we never expected to come to this point, and what a time to be alive and start a business. There is no right or wrong time, we honestly believe that if we can survive this, we can survive anything.

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