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Firstly, we would like to say a big thank you to each one of you, for showing your interest and support. It has been exciting for us to meet you all, a little overwhelming at times. We never thought we would get to where we are now.

That said we have got some exciting things in store for you over the coming months. We are now able to offer our clients high quality, handmade loose leaf tea (we know it’s a little sad to get excited about tea, but we are pretty sure you will be excited too once you have tasted it.)

So, let us introduce you to Natures Wish. “Unique tea and herbal blends have been created to help bring about the sense of benefit. Take time out to sit and be mindful when you sip your tea to get the greatest benefit from the power of nature.”

Joy - it’s a refreshing blend of jasmine and green tea, have a cup of Joy and take time to be mindful and consider what makes you joyful and brings you happiness, what brings you laughter and a smile to your face.

Peace – let yourself unwind, with a gentle blend of Honeybush tea. When things are getting on top of you, sit down with a cup of Peace allowing yourself time to feel calm and grounded.

Release – take a moment for a cup tea, it is time to let go of all tension. Inhale the fresh scent of this rosemary blend, take five minutes to revive yourself. Release any negative thoughts and be ready to face the rest of the day.

Tranquillity - take time out today for a cup of chamomile and rose tea. Let yourself relax and inhale deeply, allowing a feeling of Tranquillity to replace the busyness of your day.

Clarity - take time to stop and clear your busy head for a moment. Savour this green tea blend, taking deep breaths of Clarity, inhaling the scent of the tea, and becoming more mindful in your day.

Serenity - find a quiet spot to rest and allow yourself time to stop and enjoy our rooibos blend. Take time to breathe deeply and allow a feeling of Serenity to replace the stresses of the day.

Which one do you like the sound of? If you are not a tea lover, we do have bean to cup coffee, we offer cappuccino, latte, americano, espresso. We have it all, tea, coffee, music, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere. If you have not booked a treatment yet we hope you to see you soon. We are eager to meet more of you and get to know Bramley’s community.    

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