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Welcome Back Darlings

Je t'aime! Welcome back darlings!

Hope you have all had the most amazing Christmas and New Year.

I hear you ask, “What’s with the French?” Well, that’s because quite a few of you enjoyed our Christmas packages that were inspired by some of our favourite champagnes. And also I’m practicing my french, as I’ve just finished watching the second season of ‘Emily in Paris’, and I thought I’d channel my inner Emily haha!

The festive season is well and truly over and we are entering the year of the Tiger. I feel like we need to start this year strong and positive as we mean to go on.

We are just excited to actually be open for a solid twelve months, which is crazy considering we are now in our second year.

We all know the good old phrase “new year new me”. I often wonder, lwhat does that actually mean?” I like me, I don’t need a new me, but as every new year starts, we all want something to change, or something to improve.

Well I say, sod this new year new me lark, and let’s all just stay our fabulous selves that we already are!

We give ourselves so little credit, and forget how far we’ve come, we are still here, we are still going strong, and we are: let’s be honest, experts at making the best out of the worst situations.

So, let’s make few tweaks to a more improved self. There is never a right or wrong time to start, so let’s do it together. Let us be part of your journey, let’s start by loving ourselves first and give our body what it deserves.

Hopefully most of you have now met our beautiful apprentice Lisa, she’s doing so well and she is able to offer treatments with regular offers to gain more confidence and build her clientele. A lot of you have been so kind and wonderful about Lisa’s treatments and we thank you for that. So keep an eye out for more offers on treatments with Lisa.

Now, if you haven’t heard of it, or if we haven’t mentioned it to you: which I very much doubt, our newest treatment is Microneedling.

It may sound a little scary and intense, but trust me on this one when I say: “YOU WILL NOT REGRET HAVING THIS TREATMENT!”

If you have thought about it and are still not sure, please do yourself and your skin a favour and book a course. Your skin will thank you later, by looking more even-toned, more-firm, more radiant and your lines and wrinkles will appear reduced.

Most of you know that I’m in my last year of being thirty: excuse me while I am crying, but I cannot tell you enough, that after having a course of microneedling, my skin has never looked and felt better. A lot of you said I don’t look my age, well thank you!

Now you know one of the reasons why. You get out what you put in with regards to your skin, so if you want the same, you know what to do. For more in-depth information, watch out for our YouTube video on Microneedling.

Last but not least, we have a new package for all you lovers out there!

Treat yourself, or your loved one, for a wonderful back massage and prescriptive facial with ‘You will forever be my always’ package. Click book now on our website to book directly. Or click vouchers and offers to purchase a voucher for yourself or a loved one to use later in the year.

Much love


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